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SnipIts Pet Salon is conveniently located at 6835 E. Southport Road on the Southside of Indianapolis. Our beautiful salon was created to make your pets' grooming experience the best and least stressful it can be. Visit SnipIts Pet Salon and find out why hundreds of your neighbors have chosen us to groom their pets!

SnipIts Pet Salon has amenities that most grooming shops don't have, we are like the salon that caters to your personal hair needs! We use softened water which helps rinse the coat better so your pet won't have itchy skin; we use a shampoo mixing system that applies the proper amount of shampoo, never too much which is hard to rinse out. We use 100% cool air dryers (the dryer motors do not emit heat) so that there is never a worry that your pet will overheat while at SnipIts. We have a one-of-a-kind walk-in tub for large dogs, one step up and they're in and then we walk around the tub so that your dog doesn't have to be twisted and turned which is uncomfortable and sometimes frightening to the dog. SnipIts also has large 4 x 4 kennels for drying large dogs or just a "hang out" area for those that have to stay with us for a few hours waiting for their parents. We strive to get your pets done as quickly as possible, so that your pet isn't stressed staying at a salon all day; SnipIts has plenty of room that your dog may stay longer in a comfortable suite if you need a little extra time before picking up. Our stylists do all breeds of dogs and YES, we groom cats!

Call (317) 490-4119 or email at for an appointment today, come in and visit SnipIts and see why hundreds of your neighbors have chosen us for their pet grooming! Like us on Facebook at

Please have your dogs on leashes and cats in a carrier when coming to the salon, thanks!

6835 E. Southport Rd. Suite G Indianapolis, IN 46237
Phone: (317) 490-4119